Staging a Home for Sale – Best Kept Secret

Staging a Home for Sale – Best Kept Secret
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  1. […] Consider replacing drab or heavy drapes with ones that brighten the room. Prune bushes and tall plants away from the windows to clear the view and let in the light.  Since each house is different, when selling your home, talk to your Realtor about the best way to use the outdoor plants you have to maximize curb appeal while you also allow for maximum light inside and visual appeal from inside. Make sure to remove the clutter in and outside your home. And, as sad as it may seem, it is important to depersonalize your home – You want perspective buyers to be able to imagine living there. That is easier when the family photos and memorabilia that mean so much to you are put away. Clear the visual field so buyers can imagine THEIR photos on the walls! And remember the Best Kept Secret we talked about in our article about staging when selling your home? Circle back and find out! […]

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